Shopping for TV stand

I have got a beautiful TV cabinet for my TV and I know it is important to shop for a proper TV stand. It is not just for the home or office but for the safety of the children. Do you know that toddler likes to pull and push on things that interest them? My 19 months old boy likes to pull the DVD player, other than that he likes to push buttons which he sees on the player.

With Internet access today we can find many types of TV stand, I have interest to change TV cabinet. What types of TV cabinet or TV stand are you using? We need constantly check on the TV stand whether they are steady or not because not all TV stand in proper shape after many years.

This reminds of me photo frame on my wall, it falls off the wall one night nearly hit my son. I didn’t put the photo frame up anymore, I have to put it away for the safety of my children. I didn’t want to see any of them hurt. I decided to DIY on photo frame which I can choose to hang whichever I like on the wall.

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