Shopping for CNY 2013

I find it difficult to shop for Chinese New Year this year, the biscuits are very expensive. I have purchased clothing for my dear, children and some for me. I gave some prelove and new clothes away to Nursing home. On my other blog, I received email on write paid post but sad to say it is not reasonable and I reject it. I blog for my interest and things which interest me, I received offers on coupons but sad to say they are useful at all, after all they don’t seem to deliver to my country where I stay.

Being stay at home mom, I hope to make some income from blogging so I can continue to renew my blog hosting and domain. It is not easy to maintain many blogs, without money do you think I can keep blogging? I have lost many blogs because my earning in blog getting lower.

Let’s get back on shopping, you need to be smart when shopping check out the price of the items even the shop just a few blocks away! No kidding I do that often and compared the price the different could be RM8 difference! RM8 can be used for parking at the mall if you are there for five hours during weekend.

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