New hairstyle for mommy!

Yes being mommy of two boys, I am happy to have my new hair cut after many years of keeping my hair long. My hair is shoulder length and I love it sadly the weather makes me mad. I cannot stand any hot weather any longer because son’s primary school started and everyday needs to go fetch him coming back under hot sun!

I only park car far abit from school for convenient of going back home avoid the jam. Now here’s the chance to win something from me, head to my blog and guess on how much I spend on this new hair cut.

Today I received an email and I am happy to win two movie tickets to Premier screening of Mama. It is horror movie so I will be going to see with my dear. I am ready to watch Mama 2013, I can’t wait to make a movie review of this. Who wants to know the challenge of raising kids in the forest?

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