My baby is no longer baby

I always tell my dear’s that my baby this and that, oh well my baby is no longer baby. Don’t get me wrong I am not talking of my youngest boy. I am talking of my eldest, my first child. He’s seven year old now and he’s smart but he’s lazy.

Tomorrow it’s going to be fun night for him, me and my dear. We are going for a movie night together, it might not be a good time for time because it is night movie. I won four passes to watch Oz and I know my son wanna watch it badly. I also won two passes of this movie but I need to go PJ office for collection. Just think of the fuel and parking plus fee it is not worth going there! Well it’s better to use this chance of watching movie with him and loved ones. I also invited my friend to come along since I have one extra pass.

Same night another movie I won and different cinema which is in Midvalley, sadly I cannot attend the movie there. Nevermind the chances will be given to others as I didn’t go redeem passes they will pass to upcoming next people there. Don’t waste their movie passes, by the way it’s a horror movie I won. The Exorism Part 2!!

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