Looking for handmade bags

I have several handmade bags and one of them the zip is not working properly. I like handmade bags because the are unique and you get to choose the fabric that you prefer. I found some nice handmade bags and wallets but I find it quite pricey to own one.

One of my friends are good in making handmade bags but she is very busy with many orders on hand. I am so proud of her I also know another friend good in making cute hats, they have designs of angry birds and now even buny.

I have interest to shop for new bags and wallets. Just recently I won a wallet from Mommy Rubz the wallet is so cute. It is one of its kind which not available in Malaysia. The pinky goodies of I won I most in love with the wallet even though it is not pink colour.

My interest in going for vacation not going to happen due to baby. My baby is nine month old and he is cranky we having hard time to figure out what he wants. He is used of sleeping in sarong so its hard to go places for long hours. We have sarong back mother-in-law place.


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