Invitation to events

I am happy to say that recently I┬áreceived a few invitation to event, sad to say I am unable to attend three events. Being mommy I need to take care of my boys, I cannot leave them alone unless the timing is right. Yeah I am thankful having someone at home to help me take care of them while I am out. She is my sister-in-law, without her things would be difficult. My mom-in-law was here for a week, now she knows it’s tough with my toddler.

It’s tired to take care of toddler, if only he listen. I can say that he’s active boy none stop. I can’t to see my cousin’s wife having baby boy, just curious is her baby same active like mine. lol

Some many people that I know saying that second child is more active than the first child. No kidding, they are super active and tired us out. I am glad to find the suitable drypants for him. It is Huggies Drypants, I bought another packet the other! I also bought other brand of diapers. At night he likes to sleep with diapers, it’s more convenient for him. Unlike my bro’s twin gals they even though wearing diapers they need to go toilet to pee middle of night.

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