First week of Chinese New Year

Today is a special day for my son, it is his birthday and on Monday night we celebrated his birthday at my parent-in-law house. They bought a cute cake for him with decoration of mushroon, coconut trees, car and motocycle and two dollies on it. The cheese cake is my son favourite flavour.

We suppose to go Zoo plan need go another time because his brother not feeling well. It is terrific fever because high fever for him due to teething. My dear promised purchase son a toy so he is okay to go zoo another day. Anyway son is eager to go buy toy now, a budget toy of course.

My baby William is 19 months old and he is very active but lately crying so much because of teething. He loves being hands on the wheels. We only let him play steering wheel of car when reach home. I have to bring many things out when out with baby, diaper, milk powder, wet tissues, and drinking water for my children plus me.

Anyway we heading go Summit after eat lunch. How about you? How you spend the first week of CNY? Wishing my friends and reader happy holiday! Going to upstair get the milk powder now.

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