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Amway@Sunway Pyramid

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

On Sunday my friends called me to inform me that they are at Sunway Pyramid. There is expo Amway there and I was on the way to Cheras. I have been to the Amway but every time I was there games and freebies are over. I like Sunway Pyramid as it is huge shopping mall but sometimes I am bored there because all I can do is see.

I like the ice skating at Sunway Pyramid, it has been over ten years since I last skate. My parents will not take part in ice skating because they are old and I worry they have injury. My brother can skate and it is funny to see him skates.

I used to go movies at Sunway Pyramid things change now and tickets are getting expensive for me. My friend Wendy won six tickets to watch The Backup Plan but sad to see she cannot go the movie because her boyfriend forgot to bring the tickets out from home. He left all the tickets at home.