Busy with spas

I bought several voucher online to enjoy myself, it is some spa which I get full body massage. So far I attended two beauty centres, one located at USJ, Taipan another at SS14, Subang Jaya. I prefer the full body massage at Emperor Spa than Pinkrose Beauty. I like the foot scrub, mask and spa at Pinkrose Beauty. I am going to Pinkrose Beauty again for another voucher which I bought,it is 3 hours there instead of 2 hours.

Talking about scrub I like the body scrub at Emperor Spa, I feel my body very moisture and smooth after shower. My baby boy is now 5 month old, I have casearan so my tummy area not suitable for massage. I wanted to try a spa at local hotel which I saw at a website but I find it is costly for me. RM179 for 2 hour spa is way too expensive for me, RM139 for 90 min spa also I find it expensive.

At night I am feeding baby with baby fomula milk, I also pump milk when I have the time. Tomorrow I have a spa appointment which is for an hour, I also bought another voucher for an hour spa for different treatment.

Have you been to spa, do you like it?

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