Badges of Fury movie review

I am happy to watch this PG13 movie with my dear, I hoping to win The Heat movie but I didn’t. I won to watch this movie Badges of Fury. I am happy to see that my dear enjoy the movie, he’s laughing from start to end of the movie. I can’t stop myself from laughing too. If you like action movie by Leung Siu-lung you will like this movie. He’s fighting with Jet Li towards end of the movie. He’s and Wei Zhang acted in movie director by Stephen Chow before. I am sure you never forget their faces!

Ada Liu is a sexy lady, she wears sexy and she has beautiful breasts with her dress showing off her curves. No man can resists her, she started taking away her sister’s boyfriend one at a time. Sad to say all five of her sister’s boyfriends ended up dead after being with Ada Liu. Ada Liu in this movie named Dai Yiyi.

This movie is hilarious and it gives everyone a good laugh from start to the end of movie. Thanks to Nuffnang I won two passes to watch this movie. I am sure my son didn’t understand the movie, he’s only 7 year old. Worry not as the next day I took him to watch DCM2.

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