Attend workshops and events

It was fun being invited to workshop and event, of course all must depend if my timing is free to join. Not all workshop and event are available for me. I am lucky to get selected or received email to join the workshop/event. Do you know that attending them, there is so much to learn and know about their products. We learn more and then we can shared them on the blogs. Yeah if you have read what every gal want, you see that I attended some workshop/event.

I guess I know why some people just want to keep themselves low profile, you don’t know better because they will not be people come asking you things. Sometimes you get annoyed and the questions asks not interest you. Do you think they really listen to you? Oh well, I would say there is no right or wrong. It is only you yourself that knows it.

In life there is time we need to give and take. What comes around, goes around. For example few days back a family get purging experienced and now my toddler is expiring purging. Perhaps he’s teething, 23 months old this 13.

Just let it all out if you want, sing in the car or sing in the shower. :D

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