36 weeks of pregnancy

Earlier I mention that shopping at Pureen during the warehouse sales but sad to say it was a nightmare going there. So many cars and bad traffic lead my dear give up, there suppose to have a parking lot open for people but it was closed. There is no way we can find parking at side of the road because it was full of cars parked.

I manage to buy diaper for newborn at Carrefour and I choose the Mammypoko it is first time to try this brand, we usually used diaper brand Pampers when my son was born. I only bought a pack of newborn, my dear says there is no need to purchase many as baby will grow. It is getting late now and my dear is not back from work, later I need to fetch him back then we need to go out again.

Last night we head to night market because I wanted to eat the chee cheong fun so yummy. My bro’s wife does not like chee cheong fun she is not local so she says it taste weird or funny so not suitable for her. She also not interested to eat the dry noodle she mentions that it is too oily. She likes to eat pan mee with soup.

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