30 weeks pregnant

I am now 30 weeks pregnant, it is Saturday day and I have plan to go for the Pureen sales at PJ. It is quite far away from here and I know it will be difficult to find parking. I am hoping to find some good deal over there, I was told by my friend that some products are cheap. I am not eyeing to purchase diapers because I am due end of June still got time to purchase diaper.

By next month I need to purchase the baby bottles, I used to have them but I throw them away as I was cleaning up the store room. My kid is now five year old, he is not using any baby bottle or diaper. He was using the XXL diaper that we need to purchase for him when he was admitted to hospital due to vomit and diarrhea. Right now he is having good time watching cartoon and drawing at the same time.

Today I ordered some pretty handmade jewellery that I purchase before. I find them very pretty and I can present them to love one. My dear was asking me what I purchase which cost RM$300 well there is total of 17 items.

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