7D kids entertainment

September 29th, 2014

My boys are enjoying themselves, they like to watching 7D. It’s animation series that they non stop watching. Especially my eldest son, he likes it so much. Today and tomorrow no class for him as UPSR resit the exam due to leak of exam papers.

His exam for this week has been bring forward to 7 Oct and 10 Oct, good news I get to teach him more. I hope he can understand and catches the meaning of the words. He is having hard time with comprehension of Chinese language and Malay language.

He’s only standard 2 but he’s learning many tough things in school, yeah not even me can understand. We are counting on the tuition teachers to teach too. Next year my toddler will be attending as he’s going to be 4 year old.

It’s not gonna be easy as he’s having hard time to hold pencil too. I believe teachers in kindergarten can guide him more and he can make more friends there. This will also improve his speech as many people think that he has speech problem, he has delay in speech just like his elder brother. Parenting can never be measure with money, without money you can never put them to kindergarten.

Water rationing

April 18th, 2014

The water rationing is happening here so it’s difficult for everyone, two days come water then two days no come water. My friend complains that she needs to watch three times of clothes using the washing machine when water comes. Well she’s not alone, somehow the laundry shop has closed down because of no water supply. You know it if there’s no water, no business for the laundry shop.

The water container price hike no kidding, the price goes up so much like paying extra RM30 or RM50 for a water container. If water tank which is made of stainless steel it would cost over RM1k or 2K depending the size of it.

The place I am staying not belong to me and dad used the bricks tank last time, so it didn’t last for long. The bricks tank made of bricks eventually leakage after a long run. The tangki made of bricks was above me in the room I slept, the leakage so serious that mom had to call someone to check. From there only I know that it was made of bricks, it was dad’s idea back then to use made a bricks container. So you see bricks container does not last forever. I believe everything has an expiry date.

Shopping for myself

March 27th, 2014

I love shopping for myself, it is just like pampering moment. I bought the earrings from online stores and also physical stores at mall. I bought clothes online store and also physical stores in mall. I do try them first to see if they can fit me or not if I am at the store. Sometimes I didn’t purchase because it is too tight for me or the item is last item with breakage. No kidding I saw that there is button missing and hole in the top.

Sales are best time to shop, but be wise when shopping. We need to know what we need and what we want. As for now, I probably stop buying for skin care products. I have plenty to use at the moment from my last purchase plus some winning from contests namely online contest and magazine contest I took part.

Saving the money for son’s tuition every month and other expenses at home. I plan to find a job but I don’t think I can do it because the transportation fee for my sons will be expensive and day care charges too. It’s all down to money if you are living here. Money is not everything but no money you can’t settle bills and other expenses plus car loan.

Chinese New Year Wushu performance

February 11th, 2014

I attended Carnival at Mydin Subang Jaya, it is an interesting to see it. I am happy to have recorded the Wushu performance, the group from China. You can view Video one and Video two by click on the links, each are not same Wushu performance.

The second video I find it more interesting because they have needle use to poke through the glass and balloon. If you have interest to view the video just click on the link above to view. I have the blog post in English and Malay language for two blog posts.

I love shopping for my son, it’s a school trolley bag RM49.90 I bought for him today. I bought a red Chinese New Year blouse and red pants. The red blouse RM49.90 and the red pants RM29.90. I have chosen the red because I love red colour for this Horse year 2014.

There have other colour for the fashion blouse, black and maroon but I didn’t like the designed and size doesn’t fit me. I bought some dairy milk products for my son to bring to school daily. Everyday, I put his bag a pack of full cream milk to drink.

I hope to go Mydin in Seremban 2 but I don’t have the transport.

Learn, build and play with Lego Bricks

January 23rd, 2014

Who doesn’t like to play with Lego bricks? My sons love to play with them and I am happy to say last Saturday my son and I were invited to attend the blogger session where he can hands on to play Lego bricks. Lego bricks are fun for parents too, do you know that they have dads that continues playing the Lego though the children have stop playing.

Do you know Bricks 4 Kidz centers are now available in Malaysia? You can read up my blog post link to find out more details. You may look up my blog post for pics too, I have also share pictures in instagram sherrygo. He got a Lego set to play with and at night he wants me to play with him to race the Lego cars.

My son loves the Bricks 4 Kidz class session so much, he told me he likes to go again. Then again, I am sure we can arrange on this in future. I hope they can open near centers to my home. They said that new centers will be opening soon in Bukit Tinggi, Klang and Puchong.

We didn’t have the enough money for travel to Legoland in Johor Bahru, so it is nice that we get the chance to attend the blogger session at B4K!

Legoland is in Malaysia, it’s nice to know friends and relatives gone there for vacations. How about you?



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

December 27th, 2013

How’s your day? Friday my son has class. I need bring him go so whatever events fall on this date is difficult for me.  Unless I find teacher to inform change class a day. No try before no harm asking. I remembered a day I late half hour due to traffic jams.

Being stay at home mom, I thought of going back working but my pay is not much.  It wouldn’t be enough to cover for transportation and other fee for my children.

I am depending my blogs to help me earning little money if I can. If there is no choice working is a must.

I wish and hope for better living here in coming 2014.

November is special for me

November 12th, 2013

I am happy that this month is interesting month for me though I am a year older. My birthday, I received a cheese cake from my dear. He purchased from Aeon Midvalley. Two days later he purchased another cake for his sister birthday.

Talking of this month don’t forget to check out Movember giveaway! Do check out my parenting blog to find out.

Last month I have fun taking part in KISS ME event at Sunway Lagoon, yeah fun with three mommies. We are a group of four to take part in challenge, it’s fun day for us and get to know more of each other. We succeed in winning the 3rd Prize in the challenge.

I also joined the WONDERBOX MALAYSIA for the BIO-ESSENCE V SHAPE BLOGGER party! I blogged about this in what every gal want too.

Next Wednesday I am going for the Spa party and I need to ask the center where my son’s going to fetch him back home. My dear haven’t decide whether I should drive or he fetch me home. I can go by train then LRT then taxi to the spa.

Last week I have two fabulous shopping in warehouse sales, no kidding I am happy that we check out the Alliance Cosmetics and Ginvera/Bio-essence/Ebene.


Wonderful time at Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon

October 6th, 2013

I attended the Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon with my friends, we are happy that we manage grab Third Place in the games. It is challenging games, we need to go 5 parks of Sunway Lagoon with the clues they given or the banner, after getting each task done there will be a sticker. Our team leader Cindy is fantastic, it is my first time to see her in this event. Thanks to Cindy, I get to go Kiss Me Sunway Lagoon. Good to meet up with Jasmine and Jane! :D

We have fun and experience which we will never forget, though we may the oldest team because we are married and have children. But we are still young at heart and we can finished as much task as possible. We manage done seven tasks out of ten tasks! We were in the queue for the Ship task but time’s up so we need to rush back if not there is mark minus for late comers!

It is beauty event will fullest fun and I have got makeover from Kiss Me, love the photo booth. I took back sweet memories of ten lovely pictures. You can find it at my Facebook sherry go. Two of the pictures are just me, yeah Me Time! I take this chance to snap picture with lovely friends. :D

Halloween party

October 2nd, 2013

I haven’t been to any Halloween party, last year my first time to tea party with my son. He is so happy but sad is he feels he didn’t win anything from the party. The MC was horrible and didn’t know how to give chance to children to win. :(

Anyway this year Halloween party I saw the venue is too far for me. Friend inform me the place is very jam even though it is on weekday.

Don’t think I am able to go Halloween party, the shaping challenge from Sasa quite interesting but time and venue not suitable. You can click link for detail, the workshops of shaping challenge is not free. There is a fee to pay RM150 but they will give you back a RM400 plus of products. About the products I haven’t try before and I have got other products in cupboard to use.

Some people find it cheap to pay RM150 but means a lot for me because I don’t work. No income so I can’t simply spend the money. Anyway happy to know some people able to earn and spend, life got up and downs we can never back out from it.

Her World Table Talk

September 10th, 2013

I received this email, so if you have interest to join go ahead to email address below.



We would like to invite you for the Her World Table Talk session on the 26th September, 2013 (Thursday) from 7:00PM. It will be held in Sri Ayutthaya Restaurant, USJ 11.

If you’d like to join us, send your details via email to audreychan@bluinc.com.my




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